Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smooshy Face

As I bite into my dill pickle, turkey sandwich (made with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, mayo, salt & pepper) on whole grain bread, and Baked Crunch Cheese Cheetos I realize how much extra time I have in this, the beginning of my second trimester. Now that I'm no longer utterly exhausted, I am not waking up at 10 am on weekends (Papa takes him on weekend nights) and laying back down for a nap with Taylor at 12 noon. Of course I'd rather not use this precious time to squander on much needed laundry-doing or bathroom cleaning (that can wait til Tuesday when Daddy is off work, he can watch Taylor for me). No, instead I choose to be the addict that I am and use it to completely change this blog around and make a post.

 And you know that if I make a post, I must also throw in some much needed pictures of my dear boy.

The first photographic opportunity was posed when I caught young Taylor trying to make his escape from our den.  I caught another picture, which turned out blurry so I won't post it, of him turning and smiling at me because he knew he was being too darn cute.

Our next picture is of both Taylor and I smiling for the camera. He is such a camera hog. I wonder who on earth he could've gotten THAT trait from??

And finally, I have a picture of Taylor showing off a character trait obviously derived from Daddy.  I honestly couldn't stop laughing. I barely got the picture. Enjoy!

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