Friday, January 15, 2010

Hurricane Taylor

Sadly enough I couldn't figure out how to upload the .wav file of my baby's heartbeat. I received my fetal doppler in the mail today and after an hour of searching, I found her! I found it easier to create a little video and upload that, than to keep trying to find somewhere to upload the .wav file. So here it is. Yes, it seems kind of cheesy, but it's the best I could do.

So, as you've noticed the title of this blog is "Hurricane Taylor." This is with absolute good reason. He makes a mess wherever he goes. If you put something up where he shouldn't.. emphasis on shouldn't.. be able to get it, he'll find a way to get there and then go the extra step of breaking or shredding or destroying whatever it was.

His new favorite venture is the trash can in our den. Paper, plastic, cardboard. He'll take whatever he can get his adorable but stanky mitts on.  It's quite possible that if you were standing outside our house, all you would hear is, "Taylor, no." or "No, Taylor. That's not yours." And then you'd hear a baby scream because we have pulled him away from whatever he was trying to get to.  This includes all the time we spend playing with him, too, so don't get the wrong idea.  We'll be playing blocks or piano or xylophone or whatever we can think of to keep his attention. It doesn't work for long. 2 minutes later he's off trying to find what he's not SUPPOSED to be playing with.  Oh, I love this boy, but he sure does give me a headache sometimes!

In closing to my blog, so it doesn't sound completely negative, my husband took me to spend some money he was given. He says that I never buy anything for myself. While we were out he said getting me to buy something for myself was like pulling teeth.. He also mentioned that if he had a heart, he would've felt guilty for forcing me to buy something. haha. Well, I ended up getting a book I read about in the latest People magazine called Not My Daughter. He got upset with me because I still had a few dollars to spend and I couldn't figure out how to do it.  I assured him that if I had more money there would be tons of things I would buy for myself, but since we don't I have to be picky with whatever I do decide because I want to be happy with it.  I am grateful to my husband for trying to take care of me. It was a very sweet thing to do. :-)

Oh and here are a couple pictures of him reading his book.

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