Sunday, January 24, 2010

Need a Good Recommendation..

Hey All!

I need a recommendation for a good book. I've finished the book I was reading, Not My Daughter, and now I'm done! It was kind of slow, but still a good read. Until I find a good book I'll just be reading through my old books.

Taylor has been soooo fussy these past few days. Well happy 11 months to you, son! We're not even in the terrible twos yet and he's already having temper tantrums and slapping mommy in the face. I am planning his first birthday. We aren't doing anything huge. We'll just have some family over for some cake. I am looking into the Yo Gabba Gabba decorations, though. I also found some really good healthy cake recipe for his first cake. The rest of us will get the fattening stuff! I've decided on what I'll get him for his birthday. I'm getting him an automatic bubble blowing machine and the Bounce & Spin Pony.

I took a video of Taylor walking around the house with Grandma.

And I also caught some pictures that I will leave as I bid you adieu!

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