Friday, February 26, 2010

Shots, Shots, and Shots!

Taylor got his TB test and an anemia blood test on Wednesday and we had to go back today, both to get the TB test read and to get him his MMR and Hepatitis A vaccinations. He did really well until the nurse started wiping down his leg and arm--I think he's starting to associate the two. He cried for a little bit, but then he was okay. :) We let him play in the pool yesterday so we got some really cute pictures that I'd like to share.  There is also a video of our little soccer player on the right under TAYLOR LIVE. :)

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Son!

Taylor turned one, officially, today. We took him to his 12 month doctor appointment. He is 23 pounds 10 ounces and 28 3/4 inches long. He is now officially allowed to drink whole COW milk and we can turn his car seat forward so his feet aren't pushed up against the chair. 

The doctor seemed impressed by the amount of words he could say.. I forgot to tell her that he knows how to play Pat-a-cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, knows to put his fingers up when we count, and he knows how to kick the soccer ball (in a dribbling kind of way). 

We then took him to get a TB test and a blood test to check for anemia. We need to go back on Friday to get his TB test read and to get his actual immunizations. Oh joy! Poor kid. :(

We played bubbles today. The machine kind of sucked, but we had fun. Of course I've got pictures!

Tomorrow we are going to FINALLY open the pool I bought for him on Christmas and let him have some fun in that!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Year Old Already?

Taylor had a wonderful first birthday. He received a gift card from Auntie Kristen, Kaia, and Kayla; a gift card from Uncle Cody and Uncle Branden; Tickle Me Elmo Hands from Uncle Greg and his son, Samuel; A VTech book reader thing from Uncle Derek and Auntie Tiffany; DC shoes, 3 new outfits, a crisp $100 bill to put in his Birthday Binder, and  Crocs from GMA and Papa; and of course the gifts from me 7 Daddy that I mentioned in yesterday's post.  It was not a big party, we just had some of the people who live in the neighborhood stop by.

He had his first real sugar from the cupcake I made him. Oh boy did it ever give him a sugar rush. Thankfully it was not an obnoxious sugar rush, but a cute one where he was running & screaming all over the house!  The sugar rush led to a sugar crash and he is now down for the night.  He has his One Year appointment with his doctor tomorrow and I so do not look forward to the 4 immunizations he must endure on his birthday of all days!

Too fast!

My son has grown up too fast for my liking. He will officially be ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow! I can remember, pretty clearly, being in the hospital with him, bringing him home, getting excited with each and every SMALL or BIG milestone that he's gone through.  Now he'll no longer considered an "infant" but a "toddler" instead.  In a short 5 months, he will be big brother to his little sister. It's a good thing there are four of us in the house, he will definitely never starve for attention.

We are not having a big soiree for him, as tradition would indicate. No, instead we'll leave the bigger birthday parties for a time when he can actually enjoy them. He will get a cupcake, which I plan on starting as soon as my energy kicks in.  We have a few presents for him. Nothing big. I did manage to get him Where the Sidewalk Ends, a blue sock monkey which we have decided to name MUNCHIE, and a big bubble blowing machine. :)

I guess what I'll do, so that I can get my own tear juices to start flowing, is post a picture of him when we first brought him home and a picture of him very recently. Have a good day everyone!

On the way home from the hospital. February 26, 2009

At the Aloha Tower. February 18, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look: A Whale!!

Daddy, Taylor, and I went to the Lagoons today. We figured it would be better than going to White Plains again. White plains is really nice & close, but the waves were just TOO rough to take Taylor out. The Lagoons were wonderful. It wasn't too busy because it's a weekday and there was barely a cloud in the sky.  He looooved his floatie. He understood the concept of kicking his legs to move it, which I found fascinating since it was the first time he'd ever been in it.  It was a short, but good day and I plan to do it as often as possible if it does so happen we end up leaving this island in the next 4 months. :o)

Gabriella is kicking like no tomorrow. Yesterday my stomach was so crampy. So much that I thought about calling the doctor and scheduling an appointment. I didn't remember ever being that sore with Taylor. It got even worse when I went on our 20 minute walk and I thought, "Oh gosh, I've overdone it now!" Come to find out my uterus had just started making it's way past my belly button and now my belly button pops out! The whole top of my stomach was hard as a rock last night after I had taken a warm bath. So, what I'm thinking now is that maybe I'll be even crampier than my last pregnancy. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fat here I come!

I can feel it, the weight gain slowly creeping up on me. My diet hasn't been as healthy these past couple of weeks as they have been in the past. I need to crack the whip and start eating healthier! I just know at my doctor appointment on Friday will be one of, "Cut the carbs and move your butt!!" lol.  Seriously though... the whip will be cracked... after today. :o)

Taylor's birthday is next week. I am super excited to make & decorate his cake.  I am excited to give him his bubble blower. I can't believe how much he has grown in one year. It's amazing. And now I have the next one growing in my womb and all I can think of is how fast SHE will grow up and then that's it.  All I can do is cherish each moment.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink Stuff

So we went to the hospital to get my anatomical scan done. After waiting for 30 minutes and baby getting fussy, they finally called us into the room. The tech first did figures on baby's brain, heart, kidneys, and waist size.  Baby is 10 oz which she said is perfect for this time. She FINALLY said, "Do you want to know baby's gender?" Um... Let us think... YES! haha She said, "Well, looks like a girl. You see these lines?" MIL said, "What percentage would you give us for the chances of it being a girl for sure?" And the tech said, "I can only guarantee you 50/50 chance, but there's nothing there." So after she  told us Gabriella Dawn's gender, she switched to the 4D ultrasound so we got a couple of great shots of that! (I'll post those when I can get them scanned. :-)) She told us we were lucky because Gabby loves the camera and it's rare that we'd get that many good shots from a fetus! :-) SO anyway, she left and the doc came in and said, "What did she say the gender is?" We said, "A girl." And he said, "Oh good, 'cause half the time the tech will tell you one gender when I see something completely different. But it's a girl. Congrats." He also told us the results of our sequential screening and he said our results couldn't have gotten better with a 1 in 10,000 chance.

So it was a wonderful visit. We had a celebratory lunch at CPK and then shopped at babies R Us for some cute pink outfits. :-) Everyone is super excited!!!