Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink Stuff

So we went to the hospital to get my anatomical scan done. After waiting for 30 minutes and baby getting fussy, they finally called us into the room. The tech first did figures on baby's brain, heart, kidneys, and waist size.  Baby is 10 oz which she said is perfect for this time. She FINALLY said, "Do you want to know baby's gender?" Um... Let us think... YES! haha She said, "Well, looks like a girl. You see these lines?" MIL said, "What percentage would you give us for the chances of it being a girl for sure?" And the tech said, "I can only guarantee you 50/50 chance, but there's nothing there." So after she  told us Gabriella Dawn's gender, she switched to the 4D ultrasound so we got a couple of great shots of that! (I'll post those when I can get them scanned. :-)) She told us we were lucky because Gabby loves the camera and it's rare that we'd get that many good shots from a fetus! :-) SO anyway, she left and the doc came in and said, "What did she say the gender is?" We said, "A girl." And he said, "Oh good, 'cause half the time the tech will tell you one gender when I see something completely different. But it's a girl. Congrats." He also told us the results of our sequential screening and he said our results couldn't have gotten better with a 1 in 10,000 chance.

So it was a wonderful visit. We had a celebratory lunch at CPK and then shopped at babies R Us for some cute pink outfits. :-) Everyone is super excited!!!

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