Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It's amazing how just one nice person a day can help sway you to believe that the majority of the world is ultimately good. :o) The dude who gave Taylor his H1N1 vaccine was wonderful. When we walked in, he said to Taylor, " I remember you. Do you remember me?" And Taylor just kept smiling at him. Then we went back into the "shot room" and sat down. The first thing the dude did  was give him a sticker. Then he said, "Okay, just a little poke." And Taylor started screaming. So the dude gave him another sticker and put the 1st sticker on his shirt.  Then when Taylor wouldn't stop crying, he rubbed the area with the shot and then grabbed a tissue. He wiped Taylor's tears away... and he said, "Crying is not allowed in my clinic." And Taylor stopped crying! I told him that Taylor would be getting his one year shots in two weeks and he said, "Oh good.. Hopefully I'll still be here."

As we walked out he said, "Alright little man, I'll see you soon." :0) I love good people... They make me feel...good. hehehe

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Kari said...

Yay for kind, understanding souls & stickers!! I hope he is there when the next shots roll around. Anything to make shots less stressful. :)