Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Year Old Already?

Taylor had a wonderful first birthday. He received a gift card from Auntie Kristen, Kaia, and Kayla; a gift card from Uncle Cody and Uncle Branden; Tickle Me Elmo Hands from Uncle Greg and his son, Samuel; A VTech book reader thing from Uncle Derek and Auntie Tiffany; DC shoes, 3 new outfits, a crisp $100 bill to put in his Birthday Binder, and  Crocs from GMA and Papa; and of course the gifts from me 7 Daddy that I mentioned in yesterday's post.  It was not a big party, we just had some of the people who live in the neighborhood stop by.

He had his first real sugar from the cupcake I made him. Oh boy did it ever give him a sugar rush. Thankfully it was not an obnoxious sugar rush, but a cute one where he was running & screaming all over the house!  The sugar rush led to a sugar crash and he is now down for the night.  He has his One Year appointment with his doctor tomorrow and I so do not look forward to the 4 immunizations he must endure on his birthday of all days!

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