Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Month Old

My little Gabby turned one month old yesterday.  I can't believe how quickly is racing by. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised because Taylor just turned 17 months old on the 24th!

My husband and I went out for the first time in a very long time. It was great to be able to enjoy our friends' company and have a couple of glasses of wine. I forgot how much I love watching my husband have fun like that.  MIL watched Gabby and Taylor was asleep. When we got home Gabby was laying on MILs chest and had been asleep for 3 hours! I think she may have only woken up once or twice last night with me but this morning was a different story. Good thing it's the weekend and Papa had Taylor so I didn't have to wake up at early-thirty.

Today it is just me and the two munchkins while MIL and FIL go to a wedding and hubby won't be home from work until 4pm.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time to try...

I made Taylor's 18 month appointment for next month and I realized how few words he actually says. I've been reading up and if we don't give him a reason to say the word, then he won't. From today forward when he grunts (I usually know what that grunt means and give him what he wants) I am going to say the word a few times and try to make him say it if he wants it. I know that it won't work at first but, from what I read, it should work eventually. I am sure that it doesn't help that he is at home with MIL and myself all day. He has no peers to encourage him to speak.  I have to try to push the thought that I'm failing as a mother aside, because I know that I can fix it and that crying about it won't help.

I'd like to report that the days, with two children under the age of two, are getting easier but should I say that, I'd be lying. The days, so far, are getting even tougher. Gabby has an almost colicky cry at the end of the night.  Sure, putting her stomach down over your knee works for a while.. but then the crying starts back up eventually. Then you can try to walk around with her and she'll fall asleep, but the second you put her down, she starts screaming. You can feed her, and sometimes it'll stay down but most times she'll spit it back up or get gassy, which makes her start crying some more.  It's just a fit that has to be pushed through because for the most part there is nothing we can do. I am just so glad that Taylor is such a sound sleeper that he doesn't wake up crying while she is having this fit.

Gabby makes one-month old tomorrow. The nights are long, but the days are longer.  I just pray that God gives me the strength to push through the next couple of months, when she should get better about sleeping for longer intervals @ night and is less fussy during the day. I am surprised @ how well Taylor is doing. He has his little bouts of jealousy but for the most part he is doing way better than I could've ever hoped for. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week Days

Week days often go by at lightning speed. After spending all night getting up with Gabby (she eats every 2 hours on a good night) I get up with Taylor at 6 am. We spend the morning locked up in the den so we don't wake up everyone else in the house (our house has a noise problem. You can hear EVERYTHING). As soon as everyone is up, we explore the house. We run back and forth until Taylor starts to get fussy at about 1030a. And then it's nap time. GMA puts him down for his nap (it's their bonding time). Taylor will normally sleep for 2- 2 1/2 hours until lunch time. During this time, I try to lie down with Gabby and catch a few more winks (trying to keep the bags -under my eyes- at bay). After lunch we play some more until about 530p when it's time for dinner and bath and books for bed.  After Taylor is in bed, it is time for me to eat my dinner, relax, and then watch House with the hubby and MIL. We watch it until 1130p and then I go to bed because I know I have to do it all over again tomorrow.

Thank God for weekends! I am fortunate enough to have a father in law who absolutely adores my children. He offers to wake up with Taylor on Saturday & Sunday morning, allowing me to sleep in with Gabby.  For so long I had forgotten what it was like to have an actual weekend to look forward to, and now I remember. It's amazing!

 In hindsight, as I type it, this is a long day but it rarely ever feels like it. I find myself unable to do everything that I want to do and therefore leave it behind for someone else.  Which, if you know me at all, you know that I hate not getting things done and I especially hate other people picking up the slack for me! I know this will soon change. Once we get into a routine that makes life a little simpler.

My family and I made a deal. We are going to start doing things. We live in Hawaii for Godsake! We were talking about taking turns to get scuba diving certified and eventually all going out and diving together. We talked about me going out with my husband. I don't even remember the last time he and I have gone out on a date. Apparently he's starting to feel this because he has asked twice in the last two days when we were going to be able to go to the movies together. We are going to start taking the children to the beach on his days off. We need to stop being hermits and get out in the world!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photo Session With Mommy

I did a photo session of Gabby today. I must say they came out pretty good! Maybe I'll stop wasting my money with professional places and just do them myself. I often find myself more satisfied with my work than I am with theirs.

Can't believe Gabby is going to be one month old this coming week. My, how time flies! Anyway, here are some of the pictures we took. :) Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update on Life

I recently took Gabby to her 2 week appointment. She is now 10 pounds 8 ozs., 22 3/4 inches tall, and very healthy. I am really glad I chose Dr.Hino to be her pediatrician. He is very informative and very kind. He kept joking that I wasn't feeding her enough. Ha! She's going to be a little chubster, just like Taylor was!  I can't believe how much she grows every day.

Of course, she does not like to sleep at night. Her brother didn't either, but at least he slept for 3-4 hours at a time. I don't know if I'm just being impatient but I was sure he was much easier to  keep asleep @ night. I find myself waking up with her every 1-2 hours. I get so exhausted that she ends up just sleeping with us.. because I fall asleep while nursing her!

I suppose it was a catch 22 for me. I really wanted a good night sleep so I couldn't wait for her to come (I was waking up every 3-4 hours because I was in so much pain) but I had the bed all to myself (well, to include hubby of course). But now that she's here, I am not in any pain and I could probably very easily sleep 9 hours straight but she wakes up so much throughout the night that it's impossible.  It is all for good though. I don't find myself angry when I wake up with her, just mearly exhausted at the thought of getting up at 6 am with Taylor.

Speaking of which, getting up in the mornings with Taylor is one of the best moments of every day. The smile he gives when you walk in that door. It just takes the tired all away (at least for a few hours). He is an amazing boy. He has not really started talking yet (he is going to be 17 months old tomorrow) so he is soooo frustrated that we can't understand everything that he wants. He throws temper tantrums and we are hoping that he will leave those behind along with his terrible twos in a couple of years.

He is a great big brother. He loves giving Gabby kisses and he even held her today! I am amazed at how well he is handling the fact that there is a new baby in the house. It makes it so much easier to have 4 adults in the house because, really, he is never without someone by his side.

All I need to get through this next year, or so, are my iced caramel macchiatos and lots and lots of chocolate.. and maybe a glass of wine once a week. :)

I forgot to write about how we took some family photos @ Sears.  They sent me a link to the online viewable prints. We get to pick up the real deal today.. but I'll post the online version here. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

She's Here!!

Gabriella Dawn was born on July 2, 2010 @ 7:02 AM

So, i had my 38 week appointment on Thursday and I was told that I was 4 1/2 cms and what not. I started contracting heavily but I figured it was due to my cervical check and thought nothing about it. About 6 pm that night I felt a small gush of fluid come out. I wasn't sure if I had just lost complete control of my bladder if my water broke so I went to the bathroom and sure enough as soon as my butt hit the toilet, more fluid came leaking out. Of course, I still had it in the back of my mind that there was no way my water broke already so I put a pad on and told MIL to give it 5 minutes t see if there was any more fluid that would come out. Sure enough some more kept gushing out so we decided to go to the hospital. We were trying to hurry because I was already dilated so much and the hospital is 45 minutes away so MIL was going 75 MPH!! lol. Well, we got to the hospital and I was only 5 cms so they admitted me. 

The laboring was taking too long and I wasn't dilating any so the nurse said she wanted to give me pitocin to speed things up since my water bag had broken and she didn't want to risk infection.  Strangely enough, the more pitocin she gave me the more my contractions spread apart! So she just kept upping it until about 5 am when she upped it just enough so that the contractions started getting strong enough.  She told me that once I got over "the hump" that my labor would go by fairly quickly. She checked me and I was still a 6!  Next thing I know, 20 minutes later I felt like I had to push so she checked me again and I was a 10.  I still had to hold Gabby in until the doctor got there.. which was really hard to do.  They wanted to let me labor down. So instead of pushing they just let my contractions do all the work.

By 645am I was ready to push and Gabby was born in 3 sets of pushes. We all made bets as to how big she was because... well, she looked HUGE.

Gabby is 9 pounds 7.5 ozs 21 3/4 inches long and beautiful. She took right to breastfeeding and she's very cuddly.

I was scheduled to get my tubal ligation done at 2 pm that afternoon but it got pushed back to 430pm which I said, "Heck No" to because I hadn't eaten since 10 am the previous morning. I did get it done the next day.  I woke up half way through and felt them cutting and whatnot, it was VERY weird but I couldn't say anything because I was so drugged up! 

We got home on July 4th, 2010 and we are enjoying our two blessings!