Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

So a day shy of 7 weeks postpartum, I am sitting (no, literally, i really am sitting..) at 7 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Although, I am at the same weight I was at when I found out I was pregnant with Taylor 27 months ago, my body is completely morphed and I no longer fit the same size.  It is very depressing and doesn't leave room for confidence that I'll get where I want to be size-wise.  Therefore, I have dropped my weight goal 5 extra pounds and strive for that.  I understand that I need to exercise in order to come close to what my pre-pregnancy body looked like.  However, after all that is said and done (late night feedings, chasing an almost 2 year old, laundry, and cleaning) I don't much feel like jumping on that very lonely treadmill in our front room.  I look at it and contemplate, for only a second, running my butt off for 45 minutes, and then I very quickly turn away because the thought of anything else on my plate makes me feel sick with fatigue.

I have learned to stop being stubborn and to allow my family to help out with Gabby and Taylor.  I need rest and it has been clearly shown to me through a few really bad nights (at separate times in the past couple of months) of fever-induced chills and pains.  Sleep is my friend. Sleep will allow me the energy to be a better mom. Letting my family help doesn't make me a bad mom.

The end.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zoo Day Part Two

We took the lil ones to the zoo today. It was a nice, cool Hawaiian day, which was a change from our usual hot, humid weather. Taylor LOVED the animals this time! His face lit up every time he saw an animal that he recognized. It was a wonderful day and now he and Gabby are both sound asleep. I will leave you with some pictures. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My kind of night....


Need I say more? I think not. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pass the Sleeping Pills, Please!

If ever there was a point beyond exhausted, that would be where I am at today. Gabriella woke up a good 10+ times last night. Thankfully, my wonderful husband offered to take Taylor (and in exchange I told him to sleep downstairs so he could get a full night of sleep) but even waking up at 8 a.m was tough stuff.  I am going to have to assume that the little lady is going through a growth spurt and in return wants to eat every hour and a half or more and then spits up and wants to eat again!  It is hard to believe I haven't gotten more than 5 hours of straight sleep in 9 months and only twice have I gotten more than 2 hours (and never more than four) of sleep @ a time in 6 weeks.  I am in a daze and I don't when it will end.

And I know what you're thinking, "You signed up for this when you got pregnant." And that I am truly aware.  The exhaustion doesn't take away from my joy of being a mother to two, but I feel I have earned a tiny right to complain once in a while.  I also know that one day I will be at a point where things will be a lot easier and I will no longer be sleep deprived--I just don't foresee that in any near future.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Potty Training

So I decided to try my hand at potty training Taylor.  I bought him this:


I am amazed at how well he is doing!

Day one-He knew exactly what the potty was for. He sat down and made a pee pee sound with his mouth.
Night one-I took him upstairs for bed time and before putting on his clean diaper I asked if he wanted to use the potty and he pointed at it.  I sat him down and grabbed a book and we started reading while he sat. He shook his hands and said, "All done!" I said, "No, you're not done yet.." but he insisted as he started to stand up.  I realized, then, that he had actually used the potty! So I screamed with joy and called GMA and Papa and they both came in and congratulated him as well. He was BEAMING with pride.  As was I. :)

Fast forward a few days (he's been using it kind if on and off but normally only if I am the one who sits him down, he did it one other time for Gma but that's the extent of outside spectations) to today...

He peed once this morning for me and then three times for me tonight. He was so happy. It's so cute that when he's done he says, "All done" and stands up and claps for himself. I love this boy to death. And although "All done", "More", "Milk" , "Dat", "Juice"  and "Daddy" are his only words... No, he's not saying "Mommy" yet :( ... I am still so proud of how smart he is. What he lacks in his vocabulary, he makes up with everything else. He is my pride and joy.