Friday, August 13, 2010

Pass the Sleeping Pills, Please!

If ever there was a point beyond exhausted, that would be where I am at today. Gabriella woke up a good 10+ times last night. Thankfully, my wonderful husband offered to take Taylor (and in exchange I told him to sleep downstairs so he could get a full night of sleep) but even waking up at 8 a.m was tough stuff.  I am going to have to assume that the little lady is going through a growth spurt and in return wants to eat every hour and a half or more and then spits up and wants to eat again!  It is hard to believe I haven't gotten more than 5 hours of straight sleep in 9 months and only twice have I gotten more than 2 hours (and never more than four) of sleep @ a time in 6 weeks.  I am in a daze and I don't when it will end.

And I know what you're thinking, "You signed up for this when you got pregnant." And that I am truly aware.  The exhaustion doesn't take away from my joy of being a mother to two, but I feel I have earned a tiny right to complain once in a while.  I also know that one day I will be at a point where things will be a lot easier and I will no longer be sleep deprived--I just don't foresee that in any near future.

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