Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

So a day shy of 7 weeks postpartum, I am sitting (no, literally, i really am sitting..) at 7 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Although, I am at the same weight I was at when I found out I was pregnant with Taylor 27 months ago, my body is completely morphed and I no longer fit the same size.  It is very depressing and doesn't leave room for confidence that I'll get where I want to be size-wise.  Therefore, I have dropped my weight goal 5 extra pounds and strive for that.  I understand that I need to exercise in order to come close to what my pre-pregnancy body looked like.  However, after all that is said and done (late night feedings, chasing an almost 2 year old, laundry, and cleaning) I don't much feel like jumping on that very lonely treadmill in our front room.  I look at it and contemplate, for only a second, running my butt off for 45 minutes, and then I very quickly turn away because the thought of anything else on my plate makes me feel sick with fatigue.

I have learned to stop being stubborn and to allow my family to help out with Gabby and Taylor.  I need rest and it has been clearly shown to me through a few really bad nights (at separate times in the past couple of months) of fever-induced chills and pains.  Sleep is my friend. Sleep will allow me the energy to be a better mom. Letting my family help doesn't make me a bad mom.

The end.

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