Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 Month Appointment

Gabriella had her 2 month well baby check up. She is now 14 pounds (OMG, right?) and 24 1/4 inches tall (she's a giant!! lol) It seems she is doing pretty well (Doc said she's overweight. Whatevs) and she got her 2 month shots. She needed to take some baby Tylenol last night because she was just too miserable. I was trying to hold off for as long as possible, but it was necessary. She was screaming in pain. Poor lil baby. :(


Rhonda Puckett said...
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Rhonda Puckett said...

i TOTALLY laughed out loud when i read that your doc says gabby is overweight...she's TWO flippin' months old!!!!!!! i have a friend who tried to put her 4 month old on a "baby diet" when someone at work told her that she was "fat"... YIKES!
the kids look great!!!! hope you're doing well!