Monday, July 5, 2010

She's Here!!

Gabriella Dawn was born on July 2, 2010 @ 7:02 AM

So, i had my 38 week appointment on Thursday and I was told that I was 4 1/2 cms and what not. I started contracting heavily but I figured it was due to my cervical check and thought nothing about it. About 6 pm that night I felt a small gush of fluid come out. I wasn't sure if I had just lost complete control of my bladder if my water broke so I went to the bathroom and sure enough as soon as my butt hit the toilet, more fluid came leaking out. Of course, I still had it in the back of my mind that there was no way my water broke already so I put a pad on and told MIL to give it 5 minutes t see if there was any more fluid that would come out. Sure enough some more kept gushing out so we decided to go to the hospital. We were trying to hurry because I was already dilated so much and the hospital is 45 minutes away so MIL was going 75 MPH!! lol. Well, we got to the hospital and I was only 5 cms so they admitted me. 

The laboring was taking too long and I wasn't dilating any so the nurse said she wanted to give me pitocin to speed things up since my water bag had broken and she didn't want to risk infection.  Strangely enough, the more pitocin she gave me the more my contractions spread apart! So she just kept upping it until about 5 am when she upped it just enough so that the contractions started getting strong enough.  She told me that once I got over "the hump" that my labor would go by fairly quickly. She checked me and I was still a 6!  Next thing I know, 20 minutes later I felt like I had to push so she checked me again and I was a 10.  I still had to hold Gabby in until the doctor got there.. which was really hard to do.  They wanted to let me labor down. So instead of pushing they just let my contractions do all the work.

By 645am I was ready to push and Gabby was born in 3 sets of pushes. We all made bets as to how big she was because... well, she looked HUGE.

Gabby is 9 pounds 7.5 ozs 21 3/4 inches long and beautiful. She took right to breastfeeding and she's very cuddly.

I was scheduled to get my tubal ligation done at 2 pm that afternoon but it got pushed back to 430pm which I said, "Heck No" to because I hadn't eaten since 10 am the previous morning. I did get it done the next day.  I woke up half way through and felt them cutting and whatnot, it was VERY weird but I couldn't say anything because I was so drugged up! 

We got home on July 4th, 2010 and we are enjoying our two blessings!

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