Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boy Meets World

I am two seasons away from finishing Boy Meets World for the third time (in my lifetime, not in the past month or anything). This show is amazing. I just wish they would release seasons 4-7 so that I don't have to watch them on YouTube!

Update on Taylor: He fell asleep within 3 minutes tonight. He was really unhappy as soon as he was put down in his crib. He knew what Mommy was up to. Anyway, he woke up around 9pm and cried for about 3 more minutes and fell back asleep. We'll see how he does tonight!

My appetite has become somewhat ferocious and I'm afraid that I'll gain a thousand pounds within the confines of these next 5 1/2 months.  All I can do is try my best to continue eating as healthy as possible... Although I'm sure the 2 scoops of rocky road every night doesn't help! ;)


Kari said...

The first week or so of my second trimester I was famished. It's gone away since then, but the last few nights I've managed to squeeze in some Rocky Road too!! :)

Sophie said...

when you mentioned boy meets world on facebook, it made me start wanting to watch it. So on valentines day, after dinner, charlie and i watched the scary episode where shawn is the killer. :) i tell you, that has always scared the craaaap out of me :) so now we are starting to watch it every night online :)