Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Too fast!

My son has grown up too fast for my liking. He will officially be ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow! I can remember, pretty clearly, being in the hospital with him, bringing him home, getting excited with each and every SMALL or BIG milestone that he's gone through.  Now he'll no longer considered an "infant" but a "toddler" instead.  In a short 5 months, he will be big brother to his little sister. It's a good thing there are four of us in the house, he will definitely never starve for attention.

We are not having a big soiree for him, as tradition would indicate. No, instead we'll leave the bigger birthday parties for a time when he can actually enjoy them. He will get a cupcake, which I plan on starting as soon as my energy kicks in.  We have a few presents for him. Nothing big. I did manage to get him Where the Sidewalk Ends, a blue sock monkey which we have decided to name MUNCHIE, and a big bubble blowing machine. :)

I guess what I'll do, so that I can get my own tear juices to start flowing, is post a picture of him when we first brought him home and a picture of him very recently. Have a good day everyone!

On the way home from the hospital. February 26, 2009

At the Aloha Tower. February 18, 2010

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