Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crying It Out

This weekend I started on a new venture with my son.. Letting him cry himself to sleep. We spend about 45 minutes to an hour reading, playing, and drinking a bottle in his room and then around 8 pm, I kiss him good night and put him in his crib.  So far, on Friday and Saturday night he has slept a total of 12 hours each night, without waking up!  Now whether this has to do with it being Papa's nights (I think he just knows) or if it has to do with him being put to sleep the way I've been doing it, will most likely be determined tonight.

I have to say it does get easier and easier.  The first night, I sat on the side of his crib where he couldn't see me.. He cried for a total of about 15 minutes.  The second night, I brought the monitor downstairs and listened to him cry for a total of 10 minutes. Tonight, he cried for all of about 5 minutes and he stopped mid cry! I am excited to see the results tonight. I really hope he sleeps through the night again. I'd like to know this'll pay off.

If nothing else, I know I'm teaching my son how to be able to self sooth.  No more sleeping with Mommy and Daddy. It's become increasingly difficult to sleep a straight 5 hours, while I move around to accommodate both my son's comfort and my own.

Anyway,  this was just an update. See ya!

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