Thursday, January 21, 2010

Persistence and Admiration

I realized something today. I realized that I admire my son. Yes, I admire a toddler. Not only because of his innocence. Not only because of his naivety. And not only because he has so many people that love him. I admire him because of his persistence. If there is something that he can't quite get a grasp on, he'll do whatever it takes to figure it out.

When he's trying to climb on the coffee table and he has all four adults yelling at him to get off, he smiles and continues to climb. We can take him off that table a thousand times, but that just means he'll climb up a thousand and one times. I truly believe he knows something about life that I may have forgotten along the way. If something is not going the way we want it to, or if there is something in the close distance that we want, we need to keep trying. I'll just close this topic at that. I have so much more I could write about on this subject, but I fear it will turn into a short novel and I'm sure no one is interested in being bored to death today.

On another note, Taylor is walking. I mean, he's really walking. He is not even interested in crawling anymore. He reaches for my hand now so that we can walk around the house together. It is the most amazing thing to me, all these changes that happen on his time. It makes me believe that no one can tell you when all of these amazing milestones are supposed to happen. Everyone does things at a different pace. It just amazes me that one day he has no clue as to what we are trying to teach him and the next day he does it on his own. Now all we have to work on is getting him to sleep through the night!

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Malekopeli said...

He is one smart, adorable, sweet, lovable little boy, isn't he?? He has a strong will and knows what he wants. I just have a hard time telling him no sometimes and keeping a straight face because then he turns around and "dazzles" you, yeah he knows how to get what he wants.......that cutie patootie♥