Monday, April 12, 2010

Sooner Than You Think

Well, I have 8 more days until the infamous THIRD TRIMESTER begins. This is the home stretch. No turning back from here.. Well, actually there has been no turning back for about 7 months now, but this, the end of my pregnancy, is it... For real. I've been feeling very tight, uncomfortable Braxton Hicks Contractions. My mother in law (aka MIL) seems to think I'll pop early, but only time will tell. She's probably jinxed me and I'll be two weeks overdue!! hehe

Taylor is doing really well. His vocabulary has increased ten fold since I have taken the time to teach him words and then make him say the word before I'll give it to him. The supplemental lessons from Papa and GMA have been extremely helpful as well. Taylor has learned the following words:

All Done
Right There

He is also attempting to feed himself with his spoon, says no, knows to sit down when he wants his Crocs on, and can go on very, very long walks without falling over. He loves Mommy to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, knows where his mouth is, and loves to wrestle! He has also taken kindly to sleeping through the night. All I need to do is rock him (and of course, sing him the Itsy Bitsy Spider song about 30 times) and put him in his bed and he's out like a light, no crying or anything. Some things we might have to work on would be his tendency to bite when he gets excited (he thinks it's a fun game because Daddy lets him do it when they are wrestling) and his temper tantrums. Otherwise, he is such a joy and I am a very blessed Mommy. :)

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