Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personal Commitment

Taylor has 2 new teeth coming in the top back.  It may explain his moodiness. It just goes to show you how awesome he is.  Even through his grumpiness, he has many more moments of laughs and playfulness.

I ended up at L&D yesterday with contractions and a really bad pain in my left abdomen.  The doctor could not find a solid reason for the contractions and pain, but I will talk to my actually OBGYN tomorrow to see if we can do some more tests. This pain has been pretty persistent for the past 3 days.  We spent the better part of 5 hours waiting around for them to even take us into triage and then another hour or so in the room doing a non stress test and then waiting to be discharged. We hadn't eaten for almost 12 hours and so I ended up losing about 3 pounds when I checked the scale today.

In better news, in 5 days I will officially be in my third trimester.  I'll be in the tail end of this flight. Seeing all those girls waiting to be taken in to deliver their babies made me feel twinge of anxiety.. In a good way. I'm very excited to be at the end and then to see my baby girl's face for the very first time. I know I've been told many times to enjoy the time without a crying baby, but all I can think about is holding her in my arms. :)

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