Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time Flies is a Lie

Oh, my. It has been too long since I have updated my blog. I didn't even realize they had added a feature where you could change your layout in such a specific way. I love it! I would like to use the excuse that I have been terribly busy, but that would be a lie.  Granted, I've been doing lots of laundry, cleaning, and basically just preparing myself for the soon-to-be new addition to our little clan.  Anyway, 'nuff with the excuses let's get the skinny.

Since I last posted Taylor has been sick 3 times. Yes, 3 times! I am not worried. I am glad.  His immune system is in the process of becoming stronger than Chuck Norris.  The first time he got sick, he had caught some kind of cold/flu sort of thing from me (which I caught from Jake). The second time he had gotten a 104 fever from his Chicken Pox vaccination. And now he is just getting over some kind of congested cough/runny nose deal. In the midst of all this, he has been quite the trooper and I have to say, I am quite proud of the little dude.  The scariest one was when he had the fever from the vaccination. He would kind of just lie there and seemed almost limp.  Now, if you know my little man, you know this was VERY strange. But, he was just not feeling well and didn't feel like running around and tornado-ing everything in sight. Understandable.

MIL, Hubby, and I took him to the Waikiki Aquarium on Tuesday. He liked it for about 10 minutes and then he was bored. I almost feel like we should've just gone across the street to the zoo, that way, at least I would've gotten some decent exercise. The day ended nicely, though, with a lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then I got a snow cone!  Any day that ends with a snow cone is a good day in my opinion. :)

As for Gabby, we are at week 35 day 4. Soon I will be considered full-term and they won't stop me if I go into labor.  I am increasingly losing interest in being pregnant. She's so lucky I'm in love with her, otherwise this would be all for naught.  This pregnancy is much more painful and uncomfortable than my pregnancy with Taylor was.  Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come!  Everything is perfect, though, and I couldn't ask for anything more. I am completely, wonderfully blessed and I thank God every day for those blessings.

Some pictures from aquarium day for your entertainment!

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