Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taylor's First Zoo Day

Today Jake and I took Taylor to the zoo for the first time. I was super excited because he loves the dogs so I thought he would be uber excited about the bigger animals. Nope. He couldn't even spot them! I stood and pointed out the elephants for about five minutes before I got frustrated and led them to the monkeys. The monkeys were swinging around but he was more interested in the fish that were swimming in the pond below. Ha! The first animal he did notice was a peacock and then the meerkats. Finally when we reached the petting zoo we were close enough for him to care. After the zoo we walked across the street to the beach. Oh my gosh did he love the water! It was great, he spent the whole thirty minutes screaming and kicking. It was great.. And now I end with pictures of the day!
Little man fell asleep on the way!

In front of the elephants.

In front of the monkeys.

The orangutang came right up to the glass.

Trying to convince him it's okay to walk.

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